Paris voyage (day 2-5) - exhibitions

On a second day of my Paris trip, me and my cousin went for an exhibition "Paris Haute Couture" held in Hotel De Ville. Just simply one word for that, WOW! Amazing pieces of craftsmanship of designers from Dior to Margiela and more. Sketches of designers as well as old notes and pictures.

Following day we went again for another exhibition. This time it was about women's body presented in photography and compared to mannequins - "Mannequin le corps de la mode". It was very interesting to see different approaches of photographers and how models changed during the time.

The day before leaving, we went for a Chanel N5 expo. This was unexpected, wasn't planned, just randomly my cousin found out that that day they are opening a new exhibition about the perfume  so why not to have a look on it. It carefully explains the history behind this timeless perfume as well as in the end in the multimedia section we had a chance to browse books about perfume generally and about Chanel as well as in a screen they were showing us all advertisements done for Chanel N5 perfume.

That was all exhibitions I had attended while in my short visit in Paris. Of course I have been in Louvre museum to see Mona Lisa as well:) That was a must, in a next post tomorrow I'll be writing more about Paris must see landmarks and what I have visited actually:)

I do recommend these exhibitions while you are in Paris now. Majority of them are until June :) Louvre with Mona Lisa will be there forever :P

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