Giant Vintage Sunglasses *

As summer is slowly coming after exam period, we are all looking forward for a better spent day on sunshine, preferably somewhere on a sea cost with a great music festivals on a plan and a refresh coctail in a hand. Hell, yes I want this exams to be over already:(
But, yes, I was pleased to see a package come from Giant Vintage e-shops with pretty 3 shades.
A US based brand with a variety of choices of their vintage sunglasses and eyewears. For women, men, divided into fashionable eras and style icons eyewear are offered for you. One of the biggest e-store of vintage eyewear, so I do recommend you to visit them and purchase a vintage shades ;)
Have a look at what they have sent me:)

Carl Gray, LINK

Bishop Black, LINK

Charlie Tortoise, LINK
Stay tuned for my following next posts where I will me mixing my outfits with this eye wear:) Can't wait to take them out and use them out, but London is not wishing me that much...

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