Free Range, Graduate Fashion Week 2013

So once when all exams at universities are over, here come the graduate fashion week together with Free Range. A project supporting and show casting new talented graduates from different art and design schools. This evening Free Range kick out with their first fashion show from Winchester School of Art. Evening started with a wine in a hand and passing around tables with portfolios of students. People get a chance to meet students as well. Later on a fashion show begin with chosen 20 students from one university. They amazed me, their work is really good and I do wish them best in their design career.
This whole week, they will be exhibitions and shows dedicated for graduates. Our school will be having a show this Sunday, so cannot wait to see what out students can do :)
See their program and online portfolio of emerging talents online on Free Range website. To attend as much exhibitions and shows is good way to get inspiration, to open yourself from a box as well as have a look on others (competitors ?) work. Even though I am not a designer, I do love to attend these events, because even to get networking is a best way to get into the industry. I am looking for creative, open minded people, who will give me a different angle of perception on the industry as well as inspiration for my photography work.

I really enjoyed the fashion show. Love the music, hair style and make up of models as well as  themes of designers. It was really cool to see their work first and how do final garments on models look like, comparing to sketches. Click to see pictures from the evening:)

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  1. It's totally great you are able to attend fashion events like this! Seems like a fun and fab fashion show! ♥

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