Craftmanship of Hermes

See the beauty behind finished goods of creating Hermes silk, leather bag or watches. This one week exhibition is dedicated to luxurious brand Hermes, held in Saatchi gallery in London. During those days you can visit and see how artists are constructing products live, just in front of you. How does it work in workshops in France. It provides a fascinated insight of the craftsmanship of the brand allowing public to interact with artists during their work.

Did you know that all bag craftspeople do recognize their work after it's all done and mixed merchandise with other bags? Did you know that there is individual stamp of artists on the bag? Did you know that all artists in order to enter Hermes production line they all have to learn how to do a Kelly bag first?

It was very interesting to see and to learn more about the production, when it is all by hand. At least we know for what we are investing for :)

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