HSFW Fashion Show - last day

On Sunday 28/4 Tres Enchantes UK, including myself and Lauren has attended the last day of High Street Fashion Week held in Aura Mayfair night club. The show presented 12 talented designers together with fabulous models and music. After and before the show we had the chance to go around again and talk to designers individually as well as they were given us goody bags. On sunday guests had a chance to have their makeup, hair, nails or massage done from Vanity Van.

Great accessories and clothing were shown during 5-6 small shows. Here are some pictures for you to know what was going on that evening. :)

Beautiful crystallized bottles by Swarovski gems were decorating reserved tables on the venue, by Crystal Elegance

Cute accessories placed on tables by Cat-a-Cake Creations, a laser cut unique  jewelleries and Flax.

A first fashion show at this evening started by a jewellery designer Elisha Francis.

Clothing by Lipstick boutique

Catchy knitwear pieces by Zoieanne

Flax designs and Cat-a-Cake laser cut accessories.

Swimwear pieces by The Holiday Boutique

Zoieanne knitwear designer infront of press board

This was an amazing sweet cute dress by Flax

Things from goody bags last night xx

Other clothing and accessories designers that they were showing their work last night during catwalk shows including Leren Connor, Smeidi London, Terra Dea, Myo Fashion, Filthy Sexy London,

Bagza Character and KP Boutique/Urban Charm.

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