I have been couple of days out of town with my dad on his business trip to Malmo, Sweden. This is a first time I have been with him on his business trip and even a first time for me being in Sweden. I have enjoyed my stay. Malmo is third largest city in Sweden and is located on a coast south-west, divided by a sea and a bridge to Copenhagen, Denmark. Malmo is piecful and warmful city. Swedish people are having a high standard of lifestyle, they are nice simply.
Even though, it was a business trip so going from a meeting to another, travelling around factories and shops, we haven't got much time to go around and discover the city and surroundings. But I got the most of it, since our hosts were kind and took us around.
What was a surprise was that the weather over there was a bit warmer than back here in Czech republic, that was something I wasn't expacting.

I hope that this wasn't my last visit to Sweden and I hope I will a chance to visit Stockholm for sure :) So far I have been only in Denmark (last summer) and to Sweden, their lifestyle are pretty similar so I am expecting all Scandinavian countries will be like that, and it is perfect. Different in a way from here. Liked that. :)

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