Yes, I am one of them, are you? Insta addict people :D And yet, here come my 100 photo update on Instagram already. It is like a photo diary for me, a time line of things happening throughout my "interesting" life time :)) I am sure it is becoming a hit of a latest updating photos online, like twitter with the latest news out. And to be honest, by following my instagram, you can get the sense of my life, my taste and the latest updates before I write an article on blog :P

new in backless dress / preparation for a photo shoot

healthy morning breakfast / school photo project printed and presented

count down for a visit to Sweden / name meaningful bracelet *love on a first sight*

morning coffee and flowers / morning business meeting with daddy in Malmo

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  1. nice post, love your breakfast:P

  2. Ty šaty jsou parádní! Závidim ti život v Londýně ♥ xx

    Ter from terbrouckova.blogspot.cz

  3. Úžasné fotky!! Ty šaty na první fotce vypadají dokonale! :)
    Style Without Limits

  4. I am such an Instagram addict haha! Love your photos! I'm definitely following you :)
    Laura xx