H&M flagship store re-launch

So if you are following me on instagram, you might have already notice that this afternoon I have been to have a look on H&M flagship store opening on Oxford Circus. It was partially closed for months and now was a huge celebration for a re-launching. A massive store with a totally new concept and layout with fully new collections. Today's event has been launched and hosted by a blogger Susie Bubble  and a presenter Nick Grimshaw. Customers and visitors could enjoy special small gifts and viewing this whole beauty while listening to great songs DJ playing meanwhile browsing shelfs with broad offer and hand picked favourites by Susie Bubble. A great set of candies was given for visitors in the entrance as well as a photobooth on a shopping floor. Fitting rooms and a chill lounge with a shoe section has been perfectly decorated and designed for a new shopping atmosphere. It looks more like higher brand, they are obviously trying to create a new shopping experience for customers coming in. So store is no more fast fashion alike, like you come in, shop, pay and leave.

To be honest, I do like their new interior design. It looks good and clean. If you will be or if you are in London, make sure to check this new store ;) They have still ongoing program till the end of this week so enjoy music by DJ and other small special events into it.