Yestearday I have spent my rainy Sunday with a friend in a Dior wonderland in Harrods. It was amazing ! Just by one step into a hall of an exhibition, the whole replica of a Dior first boutique in Paris. Like a doll house with a tiny parfumes replica inside it. It looked magnificent. Going further in the exhibition, there were sketches by Christian Dior itself as well as his famous silhouette dresses. History of a craftmanship and a the emotion what C.Dior had with British lifestyle. Hundreds of small bottles of J'adore Dior fragrance was sparkling with a reflection in a mirror, while a mannequin was in the middle with a beautiful dress, reminding the fragrance Dior perfect women.
Dior has reflected London landmarks by installations such as phone boxes, London Eye and many other monuments of beautiful London.  Their exhibition are followed by Dior pop up store inside department store as well as Dior Cafe.

It just bring me back in a time with a spectacular installation. No words for Harrods and Dior's shopping window. I simply love Harrods with its interior design and their shopping windows, if you are a regular reader you might have read about Christmas Harrods shopping windows with its Disney theme. Again, breath taking piece of merchandising!

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