This week is going to be super busy same as the next and the next next. :D
Don't be confused, I am not complaining. I am glad to be busy, at least I feel that I am doing something productive, but just get less time for blog posts.
Bringing some new pictures from my last weekend photo shoot with Ola. It is still so cold outside, so I can not move outdoor to shoot, so here are just simple test shoots from indoor.

The end of this week I am having some more photo shoots, need to get done my photo project to school, deadlines for assignments as well as I am from now assisting designers and companies during London Fashion Week as my internship experience. I am so glad for this opportunity and will dedicate a special article for it once I will be there more longer to have something to write about my experience :)

Will be back in Brno and Prague in March, message me if interested to book a photo shoot ;) and do follow my facebook fan page and instagram for fresh updates :)

Model: Ola @ Leni's model
MUA: Fleur
Styling + Photography: Thuy Pham

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