A year of a snake

Not many of us might be aware, but the evening on Saturday was a Lunar New Year or let's call it a year of a snake. :) This is a huge event and celebration for Asian people. But in comparison to typical New Year's Eve, we do not go out with friends and getting drunk or something :D We rather stay that day with family and relatives and celebrate it with a warm of a friendly mood in a family atmosphere. Days before this big day is a lot of preparation, I remember my mom going shopping food, cleaning and then cooking whole day. It was such a busy and moody preparations but after all it worth it!

Credit: Google Images
Sadly, this is my first time I couldn't spend it with my family, since I am here far far away and have no holidays during this time. However I have spent it with my friends over here.

Anyway, it is being busy for me since my deadlines for school assignments and projects are coming up as well as London Fashion Week rush and excitement.
Bringing some backstage photos of my latest school photo project. Will share as soon as I will have them done

Have a nice week


  1. We also celebrate New Year's with family and have a lot of food around haha:) Were you covering the model with foil in the second picture?

    1. yeah, somebody prefer going out or somebody rather stays home:)
      Would love both if I can split myself up hah:D
      yes, not every part, just neck and around:) You will see photos in next posts :)