Couldn't believe my eyes what I have found today in my post mail! An invitation for one of a fashion show part of London Fashion Week! Yes yes :) I am in heaven :P Slowly taking my steps towards my dream. When I moved to London I have said to myself no matter what I want to achieve here something, since my parents are wasting for me huge amount of money. I do not understand how is it possible, but yes that I have invited me as a blogger :)

But sadly, the show is happening on friday evening and on that day I supposed to leave to visit my friend to Nottingham... Was mad for a bit. But I have decided to change my train tickets for next day morning, because this is my big chance and I cannot waste it. I am so excited now and will be uploading pictures and everything later on. Since Fashion Week is going to officialy start, it is being madly busy now. School, deadline and internship. Wow, will be much more interesting to talk afterwards then. Stay tune and follow