You make it happen !

As every year people are promising themselves many things to be changed in a better way. The night from 31/12 to 1/1 is not a life changing event. It is just YOU who will make it happen. Whether it is on that night or any day of the year. You want better path in life, make it happen. You want have better marks at school, make it happen. You want to have a fabulous body as Victoria's Angel, you make it happen. It is all in your hands and not in the stars.

But well, yeah. I am like many of others. Promising myself things I want to change and slowly doing it so and at the end of year I look back and just saying well, I should have done that better. Well, that is a mistake that everybody should learn from! But it is a boosting ego up and stronger your mind if you are making New Year's resolutions.

But every year has to be memorable and somehow change of your life. So why not make some steps for changing your daily routine and lifestyle?

  • Exercise - daily just few minutes work out. Good for your body and health and start of a day. Christmas is over and Summer is coming up, so why not loose all that calories what we ate during Christmas and work out for a nice body shape :) The best motivation is not sitting on a computer and seeing all that beautiful models and wishing that you would like to look like them, but just get your ass off from PC and start to do something. Start with buying a new fashionable running shoes or clothing. Do not remember to drink regularly !
  • Eat healthy - Beside exercising, you should bare in mind your health. Thus eat healthy. Cut down junk foods and eat more food with full of vitamins, proteins. Fill in your body with all necessity that body needs. So don't do diets, it is not healthy at all! Eat regularly and exercise. You will see how your body will change ;)
  • Motivation - whether it is your career, school or just personal goals. Have some motivation what will keep you moving on. Whether it is a person, a quote, a dream or just a desire. Living for something is much more enjoyable and fun then living a boring life and saying what will come will just come.
  • Try new things, meet new people - It a beginning of a New Year. I guess it already start out memorable so let it continue to be memorable. A year full of exciting things to be coming up, people around you and lessons to be learnt. I do recommend you to write down on a piece of paper memorable moments and things what has happened to you and put it in a jar which you decorate. And after a year pass on, which I mean in December 2013, open that jar and re-read through your notes what has happened in your life during that year. You will laugh at it, you will smile at it, you will memorize that moment. What a beautiful moment it will be, right?
Change your attitude, your lifestyle, your hobbies or even your look. You will feel the difference and it makes you to move on to another change. Just set yourself goals and do it.  Don't just wish for an awesome 2013 year, MAKE IT SO!

I wish all of you an awesome year and full of new memories, people and changes. XOXO

Credit to all those pictures: Tumblr


  1. Ať ti to vydrží!
    Máš krásný blog
    Doufám,l že mi rozumíš ;))
    Štastný nový rok

    1. Ano, rozumim:D Dekuji. Tobe take Stastny novy rok:)

  2. Loving your blog dear! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin and fb if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  3. Pervektní článek! Máš super blog a jsi pro mě velkou motivací :)