Slowly ticking wishlist

As a regular reader you might have seen my Christmas wish list in previous posts. And now I am slowly ticking it with a smile.
Either it was a Christmas present, after sales hunting or just randomly me myself ordering it :D
What has left is proper new running shoes as well as Marc Jacobs mini rose watch.
But right now I'll show you what I got so far :)

Get Skagen watch from my BF. They are lovely and they were one of 3 what I wanted and couldn't decide which one should I buy, therefore I was surprise that he remembers and decided for me :D

Classical leather Michael Kors purse from my mom bought in Austria. It is big and convenient and I love it!

Replacement for my lost ring bought by my sister. Lovely choice and right now I have to take care and be more careful about it or I will cry because of a ring one more time :))

Lovely freshly new red  YSL lipstick from Paris bought by my cousin for me. Lovely colour XX

Starting up year 2013 fashionably :PP

Today's outfit. Back in London and getting slowly ready for an idea that from Monday is a school again :(
As well as many other presents I have received, such as scarves, clothes, iPod etc.

What about you, what present has make you happiest? :)