Rings & Tings *

Rings & Tings are my first sponsors of this blog and I happy to say that their jewellery are unique a perfect :)
Today my first package from them came and I am sharing with you what I got :) A nice ring (love it, but too big for me though:( what a pity), a nice simple bracelet and a Eiffel tower necklase.

So I do recommend you to visit their shop and purchase something, because it is worth it and not expensive at all :) Click here to visit their shop: RING & TING
And a great offer for you my readers, 10 % discount on Ring&Ting, just enter a discount code: stylecard10

Share with me what you have ordered:)

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  1. krasny prsten!

    Inak ak mas rada Baleu tu su super tipy: http://biancaprincipessa.blogspot.sk/2013/01/3x-super-balea.html