Styling #2

11 outfits ~ 3 models ~ 1 make up artist ~ 7 hours of work

This is my number two styling :) For a first time I had my own free hand and was the only one who is styling. Have enjoyed my day today. Got an amazing team to work with and 3 beautiful models to work with.
Despite of me running late this morning, because I have overslept -.- Ughh, I hate being late but I can't get why did I wake up so late since I have put alarm clock on time.
Anyway, apparently on the same building of studios where we were shooting was Kate Moss shooting today as well! Such a pity that I haven't seen her around building :P But was a nice thought though that she was somewhere in a same place :DD

Bringing some behind the scenes photos and as soon as I get the final ones from photographer I will be updating :) Woa, seems I am starting to building up my styling portfolio and I am enjoying it :)
Backstage photo
Models getting ready
Inspiration !
Beautiful new face Alexandra from GTM model London ^^

Morning coffee from a fabulous team, running late this morning didn't have time for anything @.@
Fabulous Delita and my styling


  1. hi! you left a comment at stylescrapbook, i read it, i clicked it, and then... i discovered this! your blog! hihi, i realy like it, so from now on i wil follow you:)
    liefs (means something as lovely greets) laila.