80 years with Revlon

Last weekend there was a 3 day exhibition to celebrate 80 years with a cosmetic brand Revlon.
The exhibition took place in a Covent Garden. Was small, but nice though.
Bringing some pictures for you to see how it looks.

Revlon is famous for its lipstick and nail polishes mainly and indeed they are good to use :) 
This week I had off from school since my exams has been finished so I have been going around the city and trying to do some christmas shopping. But well, not yet finished. Need to do more. Next week I am flying back to Czech! Yay, can't wait :)

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  1. revlon je síce super ale na Slovensku ho napr.vôbec nezoženieš.Čo je škoda, lebo je to vážne super značka!
    Nezabudni sa zapojiť do mojej predvianočnej Ziaja giveaway: http://biancaprincipessa.blogspot.sk/2012/11/ziaja-giveaway.html

  2. 8O let, panečku! Revlon je senzační, mám doma pár skvělých kousků a plánuju pořídit si další. ;-)