Just got back from a family trip to Denmark:) I have never been in northern countries and it just surprised me how peaceful, fashionable and calm those countries are. I have enjoyed my stay in there. We have visited relatives in Aarhus, then went to their cottage nearby a sea. We have visited Legoland and Copenhagen. The time of stay was short and there was plenty of stuff to do so I haven't go any time for shopping in there. Since I went with my family + number of parent's friends families etc.:D

Bringing some pictures of this trip :)

On a first day we went to a city centre of Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark). We have a walk through a city, the went to a museum of modern art with a top rainbow view :) Most of the time we have spent in this city and at their house:) On the second day we went early in the morning to Copenhagen, which is on the other end of Denmark on another island :D But actually it took only 3 hours and something :) Next day we spent in in legoland, since my little brothers were excited about that day and we had many kids with us so it was enjoyable (for them, we were baby sitting most of the time, but nah we had fun with them as well:D) Last day we spent in a cottage near the sea. Enjoying the fresh air and the view on the North sea. 

We were there for really short of period of time and I wish I could have more time in there, I am sure that this was just a quick overview of Denmark and surely one day soon I will visit it once more and properly with shopping aswell:D

So how are you enjoying last few days of holidays since September knocks at the door? :)