Straw hat

My exams are coming so soon ans I am spending my time either in a library or in a coffee shop studying and studying. This is my plan for this study week:
Morning) Gym
Afternoon) Studying
Evening) Studying
that's it what I am actually doing, not going shopping, not going out with my friends, not photoshooting :D Haiz, that's life of graduates seriously:D But the weather is so nice lately, therefore I had to arrange few shootings for this weekend :P Even though, studying non-stop is harmful:D Some pictures of today and yestearday and look forward for new shoots during this weekend or next week at some point:)

 sister's today's outfit:)

 'cuz I love mobile pictures:D

Btw, wanted to ask you guys whether you know any good second hand shops in Prague? :) I have some DIY stuff on my mind and need some materials for it :P Write to me your suggestions:) Mimochodem,nevíte o n+jakém ddobrém second handu v Praze? Chci v blízké době udělat nějaké DIY a potřebuji dokoupit pár věci :) Napište mi nějaké vaše tipy:)


  1. Jsi strašně krásná na těch fotkách :) A bohužel nevím o žádných, nejsem z Prahy :)

  2. máš nadherné vlasy :) krásne fotky !

  3. Ježiš ty seš užasná!!! Těším se na DIY, ale second handy v Praze neznám:/

  4. jsi moc krásná! :)

    PS: Zvu tě na svou giveaway o parfémy :)