Friday, December 22, 2017

Whole black attire

Thuy Phamova - Bridge of Memories


As you might know me, black is my colour. No matter what trend is on or what season is, black is always black. One of my winter outfit, I have paired my faux leather Boohoo skirt with a sweater with tassels from H&M together with knee length boots. To not have it boring, I have put cream neck scarf which not only highlight the monotone look, but also kept my neck nicely warmed.

Who else loves black as I do?

These pictures were taken couple days ago while I was in Glasgow. At the moment, I am off for winter break in Czech republic already and cannot wait for spending some quality Christmas time with family. Have so much planned to catch up on and work on! Been promising you the two last travel vlogs for ages now, but never had the time to properly sit and work on it. Stay tuned for it though and subscribe to my Youtube channel xx Preparing many great stuff for coming New Year 2018 and already so excited about them! Hope you are too!

Thuy Phamova - Bridge of Memories

Thuy Phamova - Bridge of Memories


Thuy Phamova - Bridge of Memories

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