Thursday, November 16, 2017

Your 5 travel essential wardrobe items

Whether you are travelling long or short hauls, staying comfortable is one of the important aspect of travelling. Don't risk your health and mood, you can be trendy even in a comfy look. Just been on a long flight to Asia, and sharing with you my top 5 travel essentials to wore on you or bring with you in flight! Have a read on other travel hacks and insights?

1. Cozy sweater
Whether you choose cozy hoodies or sweater, warm apparel is the key to the airport. On the airport hall and at the plane, the air conditioner tend to be cold and you have no way of escaping the AC for the next couple of hours. So don't forget to keep yourself warm if you will get into that situation!

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2. Cross body bag
The handy bag to have it with you for your most important things. The most annoying thing would be having not handy bags carrying with you while travelling. Whether your are off for city break or to the nature, always a small bag is good to have with you. You will avoid panicking and finding out stuff in a bag back or bigger handbags. Additionally, you have extra hand to take pictures!

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3. Weekender bag
I have purchased mine weekender bag at Longchamp and have been my travel buddy since then. The weekender bag is suitable for short or long weekend getaways and will be a good alternative to your small luggage. By carrying it in your hand or on your shoulder, you can make sure to always pack the most useful and necessarily thing! Clever in it?

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4. All day long sneakers
Apart from wearing comfy clothing, having a right fitted footwear to walk around is important too. Since the sport trend boomed last year, you don't need to worry anymore that trainers should be only used for sports or with sporty clothing anymore.

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5. Scarves
Been traveling for so many times to warm destinations. Therefore I did avoid bringing sweaters with me. However, always carrying a cardigan or a scarf with me. A great handy accessories, which can serve to warm you, cover your legs or cover your shoulders if you are going to religious temples while on travels. Whenever you feel a little of breeze, I am always wrapping myself with a scarf!

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... and what are your travel essentials?

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