Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Romantic Paris

Bridge of Memories - Paris


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Paris is known as a romantic city. Yeah, I mean they have some great corners and pretty neighborhood, but I mean, everywhere you can find a romantic places, as long as you have the beloved one whom you can celebrate the romantic mood with. Thinking about to what extend Paris is romantic, makes me questions "How much would you struggle for love" or following up with Dior's campaign, "What would you do for love"?

Sometimes I wonder, what is the feeling when you came across the right one. Is it a feeling just because you are feeling loved and in love? Or that true feeling that the person is right one?
Define what is love. Tell me how is it to love and to be loved. So many questions around the topic of love and relationship that it seems like an infinite carousel of life ride. However, the most important thing is to find love with oneself. Because if you are keep struggling to find the perfect person to match you, you are loosing in your own identity.

Let's enjoy and embrace oneself people and surround with people who support us, inspire us and whom we enjoy the moments with! Nothing less, nothing more.

Bridge of Memories - Paris

Bridge of Memories - Paris


Bridge of Memories - Paris

Bridge of Memories - Paris

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