Tuesday, July 11, 2017

WHERE TO EAT: Dining at St. Luke's Kitchen with Cake app*


On a Friday evening, me and my boyfriend went out for a dinner at St.Luke's Kitchen in The Library, the London's private membership house. The restaurant located in the Covent Garden has a great prime location and a friendly staff. Even though it is part of a membership house, non-members are welcome to come to the restaurant as well. This is a little small restaurant, seating only around 40 people in a casual quiet elegant environment. As the place is called The Library, it did indeed feel like inside the library. With their small book shelf dividing the dining area and kitchen as well as every table had a book. 

Breakfast at Tiffany's book was laying on my table and it is a great starting point for a conversation I guess. The menu for dinner wasn't that extensive for choice as their drink and wine menu. However, the food was decent.

In collaboration with Cake app, I have booked this place and went out to dine to test their application. Cake app helps you to book places to eat or have a drink, as well as to track your bill, pay with the app, split the bill or even earn cashback rewards. It was a great experience using the app, especially when you don't need to ask and wait for a bill. It is definitely useful as well when you are in a group and want to split the bill. This will avoid so much hassle in calculating money, arguing who will pay in cash or by card, having less money or splitting up the change. Nevertheless, Cakeapp has limited choice of bars and restaurants, but I am sure the list of choices will grow.

Name: St.Luke's Kicthen
Location: Covent Garden, London
Cuisine: Contemporary European
Price range: £40+
Ranking: 2.5/5

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