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8 things I have learnt about life

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Everybody will once experience at least once failure, one broken heart, one emotional break down, one day where everything is annoying and you don't even know why, one morning of hangover or meet the one person who changes your life.

Life is full of surprises and learning lessons. And either you will learn mistakes by doing them or learn by understanding and observing from other people before you. Because life is too short to make all mistakes by yourself. 

There are days when I enjoy being alone and doing my stuff. There are days where I feel like going for a walk alone. And there are days where you just don't feel like seeing anybody. These days are perfect to re-charge yourself, have a deep conversation with yourself and catch up on things you actually want and should be doing. 

I believe, my I have not experienced a lot of things and didn't went through many cases like other people might do. But, I went through my own crisis and changes which makes me who am I. I have learnt and been taught a lot and still not enough. However, I'd like to reflect on 8 things I have learnt from my life errors.

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

1. How many friends do I actually have? 
And I am not talking about your friends on social media list. Yes, your true friends might be on that list too, but who are your actual friends? People come and leave. Friends will stay wherever you are.
At early age, I have learnt that you just don't have time for so many people. Meeting people is fun, chilled and it is great to get social and create some amazing memories, but at the end of the day, those people should be bringing some value to your life. To how many friends you dare to talk about personal stuff or creepy things without judgments or even worse, without spoiling it to others behind your back? For me personal, I can even count my best friends on one hand. There are those people who I don't need to be chatting with every single day, yet we still can't stop talking when we meet. There are the ones that we don't run out of laugh, tears and topics when we are together. And there are the ones who have been with you through the tough times. They deserve full attention and you should cherish them. Be careful with who you are opening yourself, because there are many two faces people.

2. You know what you deserve
Just be realistic and rational. Every human being deserves to be happy, to be respected, to feel love and to have roof on top of you. Just when you look at the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. We all need the very basics and psychological needs in order to grow and target the best of us. Nobody deserves to be treated bad, unless you truly deserve that.
Know your rights and don't be afraid to fight for your own ground, speak up or walk away. You don't need to be behaving or doing everything to make somebody happy. Be true to yourself. Because if somebody belongs to your life, they should appreciate you and respect you as a person and not be shaping you to the way they are and want. If somebody belongs to your life they will stay or be there, you don't need to be chasing them or making them to stay.
Everybody deserves the same thing in different way. Everybody defines the "happiness" or "love" in different way. However, at the end, the result of your feeling should be same, no matter the process or how fast you reached to get there.

3. Don't expect too much
I should learn to stop expecting too much, because nobody have the same heart as you do. Some people may take it for granted, because you are too blind of feelings and hopes. However, I do still believe in that the way you are treating others, the similar way should be returned to you. Like why you have to treat somebody bad when they haven't done anything to you and vice versa.
It is important to set up your life goals and priorities in life and go for it. At the end of the day, you are fighting for your own will. However, exceptions there are in the case of your family and true beloved ones around.

4. People will surprise you
Fake people are everywhere. They might not be fake or playing to be fake. But they are acting fake to you. Just simply because you are not meant to be friends and get along with every human being.
Just because your norms, values and "expectations" are different. Just because you may not click to each other. I just hate those people who are playing on you how you are so important to them and yet they always can't even show it to you. Words are nothing, unless you proof them.

5. Time is just a time
Time is expensive and you should not be wasting it. How many times have we heard "Don't worry, time will heal it" or "It will just take time to get over it" and so on. They are just in fact excuses of wasting our time and mind. Time will just pass away as always. The only thing we can be changing it is us and how we spend and use the time.
There is no rule that by this age you will have to graduate, that by this age you will have to have family and by this age you have to retire. Everybody use the time differently and for everybody the scale of the time differs too. It may take you longer to achieve or get to some point longer then others, but it doesn't necessarily mean that is right or wrong. However, it is always beneficial to seek for "time gaps" or let's say a "slip streams" of the time. This means, that person, action, thing, mind set or anything that will help you to speed up the time and use the most of it.
The bottom line is that don't let your time to be slipping away. Don't waste your time doing somebody that doesn't lead to nowhere, be with somebody who doesn't even want to be with you or doing something that you don't actually enjoy.

6. Fairy tales do exist
You just have to create your own version of it and go for it. Simply as that. We are all overwhelmed by Disney fairy tales and dreaming about whatever. If you are capable of reaching that, well done for you. But just be aware that fairy tales do exist and you are the author of it so create your best story line of it. Remember, in every fairy tale, there is good and bad and the end of each story tends to always be the happy ending. Your whole life is a story, so don't stop in one chapter.

7. You will feel love
What is actually love you may ask. Up until now I don't even know how to explain this. But one thing I know. That you will feel it. Human being tend to be asking if we are looking good for others all the time, if our crush do actually loves us, why the opposite person doesn't pay attention on us and the insecurity go on and on. But feeling love is when you don't even ask these questions, when you don't even think about these things. You will feel if the other person truly treats you with love.

8. Think twice, or maybe three times
Don't let your feelings to blind you. Simply as that and always so easy to say it. Hands up how many times we did decisions based on our feelings at that moment rather to have a proper second or maybe third thought on that issue? Sometimes, it will lead to a good decision and happy consequences. However, in order to avoid disappointments, depressions and just bad consequences, think twice in whatever you do (ok, not literally, but in major cases you should). Don't let your blind feelings to fool you, don't jump into the hole by yourself. People will use your kindness, helpfulness and your heart to just destroy you. Even though I have mention that people might not have same heart as you do, I do still believe in that you are being treated as you are treating others. Don't take blame on yourself if it's not your fault and don't jump into conclusions when you are in high emotional state.

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

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Bridge of Memories outfit inspiration

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