Saturday, September 26, 2015

Vienna photo diary


I have been to Vienna X times and the main reason was always for pleasure of shopping. I have actually only once-twice been on sight seeing and I would say I don't know Vienna that well actually. (shame!) Thid say trip made before the school year was to discover some new places around Vienna that I had no clue of. Thanks to google and research, I found some great places to spend the day with. We have walked all the day and was a great experience! See some hidden gems of Vienna on photos:


  1. Amazing photos ♥ I was in Vienna 4 years ago, but we went to the museum and then back home, so I don't know Vienna very well, but I'd like to! :)

  2. Vienna is such a breath taking place, I'd love to visit there one day, great pictures by the way enjoy shopping :)

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  3. Krásné fotky. Ve Vídni jsem byla mnohokrát a je to nádherné město!

  4. Bezvadný fotky! Nejvíc se mi líbí první dvě a ty semafory :3 :D Máš supr blog :)

  5. Stavby jsou moc hezký, nejvic se mi libi ten dum oblozeny obkladačky. Fotky se ti povedli!



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