Random photo diary

Hello everybody, it's friday finally. How have you been, any exciting plans for the weekend? I am leaving to Munich tomorrow for an extended weeked to see my lovely friend over there, however work at uni has overloading and I just can't keep up with all of it, so I have tones of researches and things to finish in 3 weeks time when I have deadlines, presenting assignments and got exams to study, so it's beeing very stressful and long days. On top of that, thinking about what after graduation actually, researching, contacting other universities for further courses, internships etc. etc. To do list is long but have to manage it. As everybody will face this situation time to time, when you sometimes loose yourself and you ask yourself "Who am I? What do I want actually in life?" and thats rolls on and on about life, values, beliefs and you just get break down, which is totally fine at this point, but you gotta get up and move on in some direction.

Well, anyway, here is a post of random pictures throughout the week/s what has happend to me and what I have been doing. Looking forward to Munich (if anybody based there, feel free to drop me a message and/or to recommend places to see/visit/eat/enjoy). As you might know from the blog flow, look forward for another travelling photo diary next week with some of my recommendations and experiences over there.

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And one more thing, I am doing this project at uni, and need people who are interested in fashion,shopping or particularly Jimmy Choo to spend a minute on this survey (annonymous). Many thanks for those who complete that xx And if you are a Jimmy Choo customer (or have bought at least once item from J.Choo) please message me or comment with your email, I'd like to ask couple more questions regarding their satisaction, shopping experiences etc. etc. Would be very helpful if people would do the survey and if somebody would have time for a little interview xx And spread the word and links xx
Many thanks my readers <3

Always love this board in agencies with pretty faces. This one is in Space Model Management.
Autumn vibes. Love strolling around on a nice sunny warm fall days in the parks.

London full of contrasts. Green space, old church wallks and modern offices builduings. 

Sun on Harrods.

Christmas is around the corner. Shopping windows, offers and ads has changes its layout to more fancy and fantasy look. This one is one of a shopping window in Selfridges. Who would not want this much of fancy presents, right?:D

An installation exhibition by a Korean artist. It felt like loosing and trying to find yourself. (reffering to my earlier in this post mentioned feeling, right?)

And what have you been doing on Halloween night or shall I say weekend?

How did I miss Vietnamese food so much... hmmm

Morning aren't the same with coffee

A collage published by CelebLook, featuring this faux fur gillet in my last outfit post.

My latest editorial published in Kit Magazine. See more in the magazine or soon on my blog as well as on facebook page ;)

Lulu Guinness (UK) Missguided  US


  1. Hi gorgeous! I just stumbled upon your blog and I loved it, you've got great outfits :) These pictures of London make me want to be there so badly!!! It's one of my fave cities, for sure.
    Kisses from Argentina!


  2. Wow these photos are sooo lovely!! It looks like you had a great trip! :)

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  3. Very nice post! Happy Monday. :D


  4. Ahoj, nádherné fotky! Můžeš mi psát klidně česky:)


  5. Love the faux fur gilet as a dress!


  6. Krásné fotky! :) moc ti to sluší

  7. Awesome photos. The fur dress is divine honey. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  8. Ahoj, ráda bych tě seznámila se svým PROJEKTEM, který jsem se rozhodla rozjet na svém blogu - BE FIT WITH ME, bude se jednat o cvičení a hubnutí. Tím nechci aby jsi to pochopila tak, že jsi tlustá a potřebuješ to, ale zkrátka přece jen jsme holky a tak nejsme skoro nikdy se svou postavou spokojené. Pokud tě projekt zaujal tak budu moc ráda, když se zapojíš! :)


  9. Krasne fotky. Nejvíc se mi libi ta Halloweenska! Moc ti to slušelo:)