Friday, November 28, 2014

Dublin, Ireland = photo diary

So the last weekend I have visited Dublin, Ireland for a first time. Just an hour on plane from London, so it was very fast. Totally love the scenery there! I will come definitely again back to explore more of Ireland nature and its coasts. Was there only for an extended weekend, therefore enough time for more city tours and exploration. We walked all the time, as I love walking and especially when travelling, because you got to see things more by foot.
It was cold during the time when we were there, but luckily it wasn't snowing or totally freezing. Click on to load more pictures from this beautiful trip and look forward for a next post dedicating on some tips and check list of my things to do ;)

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  1. What a versatile city, love your pictures

    Love Imke

  2. I much rather prefer Dublin to London tbh ahaha. Beautiful pictures. Hope you enjoyed your stay!

    Amani xo -

  3. Já Dublin miluju! Byla jsem tam lonský školní rok v květnu a strašně se mi tam líbilo♥ Je to překrásné město a má něco do sebe;)

  4. ani som nevedela, ze Dublin je take krasne mesto! Krasne fotky!

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  5. Nááádhera, do Dublinu bych se chtěla moc podívat =)

  6. Great pictures :) Sounds like you had a really fabulous trip! x

    The Belle Narrative

  7. awesome view :) great photos dear :) have a nice day pretty

  8. Dublin je opravdu krasny:) Dekuji vsem:)


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