GIVEAWAY - Design your own case design!

So here it is, in collaboration with Caseapp, I am bringing you an exciting new giveaway where you can win a custom cases and skins for your phone, tablets or laptops for free and with your own custom.
All you should do is follow these simple steps and in comment write your email *. Winners will be annouce on XXX

1. Follow Bridge Of Memories blog either thorugh GFC and/or Bloglovin'
2. Subscribe Bridge Of Memories for a winner annoucment
4. Share this FB post about a giveaway for a higher chance for winning (not compulsory though).
5. Last but not least, comment your email on comments and share with us your ideas what you would like to have designed on your case :)

* Attention: People who will meet every requirements is enrolled in the compeititon, others who will not accomplish all is not unfortunatelly enrolled.

Giveaway will end in 3 weeks, thus it will be Monday 17th November. The winner will be announce through email and later in the post as well, randomly chosen through

Good luck everybody and looking forward to receiving your interesting ideas for your case design xx

Lulu Guinness (UK) Missguided  US


  1. Skvělá giveaway!:)

  2. Steps done =)
    And what would I put on the case? One photo from trip to Milano with my bf..
    Thank you,
    Michael /

  3. Děkuji moc za pozvání na giveaway:)
    A co bych dala na kryt to ještě nevím:)

  4. krásná giveaway, škoda že na můj mobil by nesedl =)

  5. I really like that case design!! So unique and awesome :)

    Stephanie |

  6. I would probably choose something that is not too mainstream.

  7. That is so cool! Love the design!

  8. Nice case!

    xxx Linsey from

    You can also check my BLOGLOVIN & FACEBOOK if you like! :)

  9. what a cool giveaway! thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm enjoying your blog, just followed you on GFC, keep in touch :)

  10. Ahoj, snad ti neva, že giveaway se nezúčastním, ale chtěla jsem ti přece jen napsat komentář, tvůj blog se mi moc líbí. Mimochodem miluju tvoje vlasy :-D Nejspíš budu tvůj blog sledovat a díky za komentář! :)

  11. Děkuju za pozvání na tuhle giveaway, ale bohužel mám samsung galaxy s3 a ne iPhone, tak se nezůčastním. Ale máš moc hezký blog ;)

  12. Such a great idea! Your blog is really cool!

    Have a wonderful sunday!

  13. Lovely blog! Cool ideas :))
    Steps done! GFC name - Alena Annie Yatsenko, FB name - Petis A Annie
    I would like some pink peonies or other flowers on case. :))

  14. I really love your blog! You are such an inspiration to an aspiring blogger like me!
    I finished all your steps! Bloglovin, Facebook: Caroline Hudak
    If I was to design my own case, I would put some of my felt tip and watercolor art on it. I think it's important to have your own personal aesthetic, especially with accessories!

  15. E-mail:

    Well I like simple cases, maybe with a nice quote on the backround, so my choice would be white case with black quote that will make my day go right. I like positive quotes and a positive mind is what I really need now.

  16. Love your phone case!
    - Deniz

  17. Thanks for inviting me :) I would like to create a case with marble design because I haven't found the right one with this style yet:)

    my blog: Pieces of FRECKLED style

  18. Cute case!