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So as you might notice, my blog apart from fashion and photography is dedicated to travelling. As I am a huge travel lover, I have decided to make this post to summarize and highlight my world trips so far. Have a look at Travelling section, for break down of detailed countries/cities with further posts, photos and tips.

Firstly, I do travel whenever I have time and opportunity to do so. I love discovering new places, taking pictures, getting into their new environment, meeting new people and most of getting inspired. I like to have opportunity and broad choices, and having a choice to travel is a big + already, as not everyone can afford to do so. Therefore I want to take it the most from it, because I never know if I will have a chance to come back again or not. By the way, couple months ago I have download an app called "been" where it calculate in % of how many countries in the world (or break down) have you been. Thus, I have visited 7 % of the world, 26 % of Europe, 6 % of Asia and 2 % of North America. How cool is that, I have been monitoring my visits since then:D


I believe, that as me as a Vietnamese born in Czech republic, it gives me a diverse background already and an opportunity to travel.  Let me summarize countries where I have been (not to mentioned cities, as it would be for long reading:D)

Slovakia / Austria /Hungary / Germany / Denmark / Sweeden / France / Monaco / Italy / Spain / Portugal / Greece / England / Wales 

1. Vienna, Austria - the beautiful city where I am going for shopping day trips with friends. The city where I have chosen instead of Berlin to go shopping (just because of F21 at that time, how ridiculous, have to laugh at it now with a friend) for a weekend. The city where I like to go when I get bored of hometown:D The very first weekend abroad spend with boyfriend. The city where I have attended MQ Vienna Fashion Week.

2. France - Traveled France almost from top to down. Have visited many cities in South France as a school trip. Had a chance to compare South France to North cities. Visible differences. Have been in France for an extended weekend from London (just around 2 hours by train, so why not). Stayed over my cousin place and she took me around. Visited as well exhibitions and I remember that was my first time being in Paris. I love those random extended weekends, just right when you want to get a rest from your city, from school work and get into different thinking. That year (so it was actually this last summer) I went back to Paris again with family for a trip and a wedding of one of relatives from my dad'd side.

3. Italy, I have been there twice but never to those known big cities. Only somewhere on the seaside. Hoping to find a time to make a trip from North to South of Italy as well. I don't even remember the names of those cities where I have been, have it somewhere written:D Once it was when I was very little, it was a family trip. Just saw it from pictures. Second time was few years back for a week or two with my friend. We went there with a dancing camp. Therefore we had enjoyed sunny days, working out and chilling. Was really good, that we keep us in a condition every day, but when it was too sunny it was really hard to stay out there and exercise. But it was my first and so far the last dancing camp I have attended. It was a new experience and the place was lovely.

4. England - a very first place where I had traveled by myself, alone to a foreign country. I was just like 10/11 when I went on English course here. Most of the time I have stayed in South England, in cities like Ilfracombe, Brighton, Hasting etc. It was very new for me at the time as travelling alone at the young age (even though it was a group trip:D) Since then, I am not afraid to travel and discovering things. Now here I am, again in England and in City of London studying my university. Would not knew that it will bring me back to this country :D

5. Portugal - the last summer. And the only summer I have spent a nice holiday beside my beloved ones. With my boyfriend and sister. Just in love with the city. Very magnificent and those small passages! Feel likes Lisbon is bits and pieces of every city. Feel like a bit of Paris, San Francisco or Venice in it:D The very first time I have tried surfing and definitely going for next time when I have a chance again! Always wanted to try it and got a chance here, my body hurts after the whole day, but it was worth it ! :D

6. Those family and group trips with my parents. Hungary, Denmark, Germany etc. I love when my parents and friend of my parents discuss on something and we end up travelling with many families together to some new places. Enjoyable that you can spend time with friends (if their family are close to us and going as well) as well as with your family.

7.  Germany - A trip with my family, another trip with my sister and another trip with my boyfriend:D Berlin was a very first time where I got a chance to attend some of the shows and exhibitions in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

8. And many other memorable moments, people I have met, places I had visited, food I ate and days and nights spend in foreign country. Just went through photos from travelling and got a nostalgic moment and a need of to go right now somewhere:D


Vietnam / China /Singapore

1. Vietnam - hometown of my parents and supposed to be mine second home town as well. Going there like once in two years. Had amazing times with my cousins and relatives. Visited beautiful places and towns. Great to see the differences in cultures. As Vietnamese born in Europe. Therefore it is a big challenge and visible differences for me. Even vietnamese people can say to me that they see that I am not local. From the way I dress, talk and behave. Looking forward to go back this summer and make a proper trip from north to south!

2. China - Summer 2011 was the best of the best so far! Unforgettable and with amazing people I have met and experiences from this city. In Beijing I spent a month for a course. Have traveled there alone, and met incredible amazing group of people that I had spent the whole month with, and the most amazing thing is that we are still in touch. Especially with one girl (she just visited London recently so we had met after almost 3 years:D). A month of full good food, environment, clubbing twice a week and discovering new places. A proper month there give me an opportunity to visit the whole city including all tourist attractions. The most exciting thing from China was meeting those great people, because a good company make the whole trip different;) I am pretty sure that everybody has that one summer that is their favourite. And I am sure not because of the dream trip to a particular city, but because of a group of people you went or met there and those things you have done there. So that was my summer, in China.

3. Singapore - It was a second Asian country that I had a chance to visit apart from Vietnam. Going to Singapore for couple of days with my relatives was a small vacation in a vacation:D It was during the time when I was in Vietnam and was bored of there for a while so we make a small trip abroad. It was exciting because apart from Vietnam, I haven't a chance to be in another Asian country back at that time. I have to make sure that I will have to visit more countries in the East.


 United States of America (Massachusetts & New York regions)

1. USA - That summer before my trip to China, me and my sister were for a month in USA, particularly in Boston and New York. Again lovely summer in a totally new continent. First time visiting Big Apple and Massachusetts. Met so many friendly people and enjoyed the life in a big city. We had visited only NYC for one day unfortunately, but I am sure coming back soon to discover properly the city. Again, one full month give me and my sister time to discover the city of Boston in full (hopefully:D)


TRAVELLING WISH LIST (it's a long and infinite wish list, thus those are just examples which are on the top and right now on my mind, otherwise I am type of a person that I do not mind going to different and unknown places)

  • Iceland, Norway (in winter times to see Aurorae, the Northern lights)
  • China again please ! (Shanghai, Hong Kong Guangzhou and other smaller cities)
  • Australia
  • USA (would do a travel across US!)
  • South America (including Brazil, Argentina)
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Moroco
  • Italy (going across all sea side cities and larger ones as well)
  • Bali
  • Russia (to visit my friend in Moscow and go to St. Petersburg)
  • Thailand and many other Asian countries 
  • ufffff, would be endless wish list. Would go everywhere! :D

What is your number one country/city to visit and what was your the most memorable summer so far?:)
Me and my sister are often travelling together, because my parents encourage us and let us to go alone. However, my sister is not that huge traveler, but benefit for me in terms of decision on where to go and what to do;)