Tuesday, April 16, 2013

When spring finally decides to arrive

Haven't been uploading much and neither any outfit photos. So here is a new outfit post. I am glad that the sunshine and the warmer weather has finally arrived, after month of an official spring date. But it could get even more warmer :P Was around the city on few exhibitions and getting ready for an upcoming High Street Fashion Week,going to attend the press event on following monday as well as their pop up boutiques. Thus going to have now more updates and reviews. Will suggest you some new art exhibitions around London as well as what you can look forward in a pop up shop.
Here is an outfit photo taken on friday by a photographer Timothy.


  1. Panebože, si strašně krásná!
    Omg, you are so beautiful!

  2. You look stunning!:) Love your outfit!x Love the crop top/skirt combination.x


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