& other stories

Finally I have find a time to visit a new open store on Regent Street, London called & other stories. A totally new  brand by combining H&M and COS together. A highly luxurious line of H&M has opened this year several boutiques, such as Barcelona, berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Paris and Stockholm, while their online store will be available as well in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Unfortunately, Czech republic is not yet on the list.

A fast fashion chain H&M has collaborated with minimalistic COS to create a higher label named &other stories. Their store has designed well in a nice atmosphere and not so crowded together. It doesn't feel like H&M neither COS store. It has a totally different aspect. It is not cheap as H&M and not minimalistic as COS. This is a new & other stories! Have a look at snapshots I have taken to get the store feeling:

Simple line with a clean and timeless silhouettes has overloaded with this store. Their selection of products from apparel, shoes, jewellery, accessories, lingerie and even beauty sector. I have to say that I have fallen into their leather goods and lingerie! The label has collaborated with numerous of designers and the whole layout of the store has that kind of Scandinavian feeling. Their products is suitable for clean, timeless with touch of an edginess of it. I really was amazed by the store and do recommend to visit :)

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  1. Presne takéto fotografie mám rada! a super interier