ODFClothing Fashion show, during LFW

Yestearday I had opportunity to help out as an event co-ordinator during ODFClothing fashion show, which was part of LFW. Their pieces of autumn/winter collection are so pretty, I would choose and buy immediately something. Starting from early morning setting up whole backstage area, seatings and catwalk. And the show begin in the evening. Of course late again, because being late is fashionably as it is said in the fashion industry. But this show was way too late :D Because of other programs on the list :)

Get tired after wards, anyway it was nice meeting all nice people there and the show itself. There was a men collection, women and kids. The young juniors were so adorable :P
That was the last show on LFW. So that would be it :) I had an amazing time and busy weeks during past 2 weeks and a lot of opportunities. I had participate during London Fashion Week in a showroom helping out with exhibition and stuff as well as on backstage of London Fashion Weekend. Apart from this I had opportunity to work with smaller independent brands who are participating on LFW showcases as well.