Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Because yestearday you said tomorrow."

I love that quote from Nike :P As I see, from New Year beginning everybody went to work their asses. Not just because it's a resolution but summer is going to be here and we need to get fit and loose that weight from Xmas eating to look healthy and fit in swimming suit.
Yes, me as well. Trying to work out every second day. Either at home, gym or by playing any other sports. Whatever my mood will be and have time for it.
My gym is just 4 min by walk from my accommodation, therefore it is convenient.







My favourite work out songs are mostly remix playlist by DJ Elon Matana, which are long like 15minutes ! So good to keep you in a mood for longer time :P But any songs with fast rhythm:)

1) DJ Elon Matana 2011 vol 2
2) DJ Elon Matana 2011 vol 3
3) Scream & Shout ( ft. Britney Spears)
4) We run the world (remix, Havana Brown ft. Chris Brown)
5) Pound the alarm (Nicki Minaj)

What are you favourite songs what keep you motivated to work out? Share with us via comment :)

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