My weekend

So yestearday during the day, actually almost whole day I have spent in Albert & Victoria Museum on a Fashion Festival. It was lovely meeting all kind of people, seeing different works and perspectives and sitting on a seminar room while they are giving advices to all of us about their career and major.

It was useful and for sure I have gain something. I have been on visual merchandising speech from Beyond retro (vintage company), Fashion Show production of Fashion in Motion at V&A, Setting up a business, fashion photography speech by a proffesional photographer as well as ASOS team came to talk about their parts.

Afterwards in the evening I have met few of my classmates on our school x-mas/ after exam party. It was in a bar, only reserved for our freshers student so it was lovely evening. Had fun though. :)

Today I am heading hopefully for a last Christmas presents hunting and then I can chillax. What abou you, have you done any present shopping already? :)

Have a nice sunday ^^