Christmas Wishlist

As like anybody I am creating my own wish list for this Christmas 2012 :P Things I need and would like to have soon, even though if I won't get it this Xmas I am going to buy them anyway at some point during the time :D

1. Marc Jacobs Rose Mini watch = I was evaluating and watching to all kind of watches long time ago. Was thinking between Burberry, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Skagen. All of them are nice and I wish I could have all of them, but for my little hand I think MJ would be the best suitable for all kind of style I am going to wear. So yes, that's what I am for :D

2. Michael Kors black leather wallet = simple long wallet for my money and thousand of small papers and card what I am keeping in my wallets:D I like simplicity :)

3. Ipod Touch 5th generation = I do not like listening music from my phone and my ipod is getting bad now, the music is pausing and it is really annoying, thus I need a replacement. Ipod touch 5th generation is interesting for me, since I can use it as a camera, storage of photos and files as well as music player. I am not fan of phones with touch screen, so maybe you was wondering why I won't buy an iphone then I can have everything in it, but no I don't want. I like my Qverty phone, I feel more confident with buttons and for music and other fun staff I need another device :D

4. This fall/winter I have fallen in love with sheep fur/woolen jackets and vests and mainly with waterfall collars. This one on the pictures is from River Island. I have already ordered one woolen waterfall jacket online so excited to be arrived:P

5. Ring = I have wore one white gold ring given by my mom, but I do not how does that happened, but I have lost it. And I do feel so bad about it, since it was my mom's ring given to me as well as I have been used to wearing something on my left hand, so you know the feeling being used to something for such a long time and now you can't have it anymore,no? So yes, I need a replacement for that.

6. Nike air = Or whatever proper running shoes. As most of us I am saying to myself that after Christmas I am going to work myself out ! :D Properly and regularly. So I need a motivation for it :)))

7. Parka = Been hit lately and I have fallen for it as well. Need a new warm parka for this winter.

What about you? What is your main goal for this Christmas? Any fashionable wish list to share with me? :)

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