My current wish list

So this is my current top wish list. What I am looking for recently and what I actullay want in my closet.
First thing what I should buy for fall are those army ankle shoes in brown colour. Can't really find any now and if yes, not my type really. Picky I am, I know :/
My preparation for UK studying brought me a thought of bad weather, thus I should categorize as well proper heels shoes to my shoe collection, since I should count with windy,rainy days in UK. Therefore black wedges are perfectly suitable for every outfit, therefore I need them :D
Michael Kors watch or Marc Jacobs watch is just my want not a neccessary item :) A classic beige formal dress is as well a want item on my list. But my need item is a denim vest ! :D

What are your wish list for fall? :) Wish list and need list? :D