Saturday, May 5, 2012

An only excuse...maturita:(

I am so sorry for no updating lately, but I was busy studying for my upcoming IB exams alias maturita in czech :D Exams are yet still not over, but my hardest part (maths for me-.-) is over, now I got a few days gap till next exam. This months is sooo important for me that I am doing my best, even though I still keep trying to go out on evenings or go photoshooting, but I always make myself to deserve that after a hard work of revision :D I am feeling like a nerd and a loner lately :( But well, some random pictures during those days I wasn't updating :)


Few of my outfits during those days :P Comfy and spring :)


This is how my revision is going :D Coffe, fresh fruits, foo d etc. :D And all night long :))


So nice outside that I could't help myself to hang out few hours with my friends :) And too much stress for studying is harmful as well, my friend has proven that :D She faded because of that :(

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