Sunday, July 31, 2011


Some of you can know that in China, Vietnam and other asian countries they forbid use of facebook, youtube and other social website. Such as blogspot also, so I couldn't get here until my friend send my some link from where I can have access to those websites, so long time didn't upload some news :) 

Well, just shortly, so hot, so humid, so busy and so much having time in here. I was so worried that I will not understand nothing, I will be lost and bored one month with nobody I know but actually it turns to be pretty good experience. People from school and hotel are so friendly and nice, people from all over the world :) But still so many russians here :P Shopping is perfect and also night life is so cool <3 Drop you other post later, just adding photos :)

Hopefully you guys are having beautiful summer, share with me something, have you been in China? What do you think of here? Where are you heading this summer? :)

Now I am in Vietnam and here everything works, so I promise I am gonna update a lot to catch with things :) Updating photos from Beijing :)


  1. To vypadá na opravdu skvělou dovču:)

  2. Hned bych se rozjela za Tebou, z fotek to vypadá tak úžasně!


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