Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nügg Beauty - face masks review


Keeping a skin hydrated is important especially when the season is changing. Your skin is getting dry and exhausted. Therefore it is important to keep your skin care routine. So recently I have been using Nügg face masks, which comes in these little cute pods and with seven varieties and all with natural ingreditents. These little pods are great travelling partners, as they can fit in anywhere and you do need to worry about ml exceeding in your carry bag at the airport!
They say they one pod should be used for one use. However, I use them for twice. Even though, they look so tiny, don't get the wrong impression of it, because it actually contains a lot enough for those two uses! I tend to use masks once a week in the evening.
So what does Nügg said about their products?

  • It is formulated with potent and beautiful blends of natural oils and extracts
  • It is produced without mineral oils, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colors
  • It is formulated with over 90% natural or naturally-derived ingredients
  • It is cruelty-free

You can purchase them in various packages or combine them as you wish. In UK you can find them at Selfridges! And what are your mask winner for autumn/winter days?

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Friday, October 21, 2016



Even though the light is getting dark so soon, my weekends are fully booked and plans are being scheduled weeks in advance. I have managed to squeeze into my busy schedule a quick testshoot, as I haven't been shooting for awhile and I missed that. I have found out very interesting to shoot with low light and street lights at the background when the dark is coming. I have couple more shoots coming up so I am looking forward to experiment with city lights at the background.

If you would like to book a shoot with me, don't hesitate to contact me:)

Monday, October 17, 2016

CHECKED IN: Element hotel, Paris (France)


Last weekend trip to Paris at the end of summer, we were accommodated in the Element hotel. It is just a three star hotel, but a simple lodging room with a contemporary design with the great center location meets all the basic needs. We got to Paris by train from London and it was just about 25 minutes walk from the main train station to the hotel. The hotel location is surrounded by couple metro stations which makes it perfect hop in to any directions and lines you wish. Moreover, it is located nearby canals, thus you can find many nice cafes and restaurants around to chill.

For the money I guess it was worth it. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The room differs obviously, in terms of decorations and size. The only thing what could have been better in our room was a bathroom size. Wasn't the nicest to walk in to the room and have a feeling that you walked in to the bathroom first. Nevertheless, we were spending whole day out and eating out as well, so we were in only during nights to get our power naps.

Image result for element hotel paris
Credit: hotels.com

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pandora event


Last week I have attended Pandora event at the flagship store in London. I was very impressed that their second floor is dedicated for events and it was nicely furnished and decorated. Whoever was in charge of organizing the event on that day, bravo to them or to the team! Just head to the store after work and the whole evening was accompanied by lovely staff members and other influencers. The highlight of the evening was a talk in between of Pandora and its brand ambassador - Rosie from The Londoner. The topic discussed was about how she started and Rosie was giving some great insight and tips. She is such a lovely person, so open and friendly. It is great to see that she stayed true to herself despite her success in blogging.

Pandora is a Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer with its stores wordwide. Pandora have
Pandora has a distinctive products that made them grow internationally so fast. Pandora is a Danish company now operating in more than 70 countries. Pandora offers high quality and modern jewellery products for all women at affordable prices. We all know Pandora for its charms and bracelets, but it is worth to check their broader range what they offer. I came home with this lovely stud droplets earrings, which are suitable for any occasions, dressings and sometimes less is more.

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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Exeter diary


Past weekend I spend exploring Exeter with my sister. There is never a place where I go without a research before. Exeter is an ancient city located in the South-West of England. It is about 2.5-3h by train from London, so it is very convenient. We were lucky to have a nice sunny weather during the whole weekend. Exeter city center is very lovely and easy to walk around. The highlight of the city would be the Gothic Exeter cathedral located in an open area surrounded by old houses, pathways and cafes. The city itself is very calm and surrounded by nature. Thus, is is worth to go somewhere on a peak of the park or a hill for a nice view of a British town around. Exeter is great for cycling around river Exe too. It is worth to take a walk or cycle around the Historic Quay. It is a vibrant area around the river with markets, restaurants and cafes. 

Did you also know that in Exeter you can find the 3rd narrowest street in the Europe? That's where these outfit photos were taken from. Exeter would be great for a day or weekend trip. However, not far from the city you can more observe natural phenomenon, such as Jurassic coast, gardens, castles, Exmouth port or Topsham suburb.