Sunday, April 30, 2017

Colour pop


On one of the sunny weekend, I had a pleasure to meet and shoot with Eva around Waterloo area. Can't believe that the April has come to the end already and I feel like I have slowed down in some certain areas of my activities, especially around blogging. Trying to produce as much content as I can and keep up to dated through my However, something is so lacking and makes me think if I am going right. Those long commute rides, hot showers and sleepless nights are the time where one thought is hunting another (do you have that as well?). With May approaching around the corner, I have decided that I need to sit down and write down my objectives and how I am going to get there. Those months of hassle and confusion is (hopefully) over, and I am ready to be focusing on self-development now. So stay tuned with more exciting stuff coming up on Bridge of Memories!

Photos by Eva

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bucharest - weekend itinerary


If you are following me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have known that I was heading off to Bucharest for a weekend getaway. It is just so hectic, tiring and yet still exciting to be spending every week somewhere else. I just wish it would be part of my job description. Nevertheless, weekend was well spent with the loved one. If you are interested to see more of pictures from the road trip in Romania, you may seem them here.

If you wonder how I have spend my weekend, where I have been, where I have eaten or drink, click to read more my weekend itinerary.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cross back dress


Once upon a time, London was so lucky to witness the amazing 22 degrees during the weekend. However, it seems like it was so long ago again, because I can't still leave my jacket alone in the wardrobe. It was a great weekend and it felt very productive!

It is just frustrating, that by the time I manage to make a blog update, the weather changes and it doesn't feel relevant anymore. Oh well. It is London at the end and with the speed of Instagram stories and feed, you can catch up on my daily life and travels more.

My forever (so far) trend crushes are off shoulder and backless tops, blouses or dresses. When I saw this dress, I had to immediately try it on and could imagine this little cute cross back dress to be worn around Mediterranean streets. I am so in need of a proper holidays now! Especially with these forever changing and confusing weather out here. What are your spring/summer trend crushes?

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bratislava streets


Last weekend, you might have catch up on my Instagram that I have been back in Czech republic for a while. But not really. Those extended Easter break weekend was pretty busy, as my parents had some events going on. We made a day trip to Bratislava and I have used this opportunity to catch up with my long time no see friend Dusan, who also took these pictures for me on the day :)

I was in Bratislava for many times already, but usually to visit family friends or stopping for some short visits to one place. Never had a chance to walk around the city center or discover it more. Dusan took me around to some great coffee place, walked around the major attractions and statues in center and then we end up around Dunabe river at UFO tower for a view. Bratislava is just less then 2 hours drive from my hometown. Therefore, I am sure I will be definitely coming back again to discover it more! Have anybody been travelling around Slovakia? What are your thoughts?


Photos by Dusan

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blogger photoshoot


I have shooted with Acer for couple times already and always pleased with our outcome. Have a look what we have shooted couple weeks ago, featuring Kenzo outfits. If you are interested to book a photo shoot with me, feel free to drop me an email or message!:)

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