Sunday, January 15, 2017

Edinburgh travel guide


Scotland is beautiful, indeed. It has many beautiful natural places and historical discoveries. Last year I have visited Edinburgh and St. Andrews and this year I had an opportunity to visit Glasgow, Loch Lomond and Edinburgh once again. Luckily, this time it wasn't raining in Edinburgh and was able to take a walk around. Moreover, visit Edinburgh before Christmas time was magnificent, is the city center was so alive and I always got a weakness for Christmas lights. Finally, I had a chance to summarize top 10 places you should visit and see while in Edinburgh!

1. Edinburgh castle
Edinburgh Castle is a historic icon dominating the skyline from its location on the castle rock, worth to visit to explore more of the historical core of the city of Edinburgh as well as to admire the view of the city from top.

2. St Gile's cathedral

3. Princess street
Major main street in the city and you will find many shops located here as well. Good starting point to start your shopping journey in Edinburgh.

4. Scott Monument
Scott Monuments is a Victorian Gothic monument to Sottish author Sir Walter Scott. It is a argest monument to a writer in the world.

5. Holyrood park & Arthur's seat
Holyrood park is a royal park about a mile away from Edinburgh Castle and it is adjacent to Holyrood Palace. Arthur's seat is within a Holyrood park and it is a highest peak point in Edinburgh overlooking the city and three lakes. Within the park, apart from the magnificent view you can also visit chapels and cliffs.

6. Cockburn street
7. Scottish Parliament Building
8. Holyrood palace

9. National monument of Scotland
10. Scotting National Gallery


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Statement sleeve trend


Winter is still here and it might sounds funny to be discussing what to wear this spring and summer season, but we are all seeking for a bit of sunshine, warmth and holiday chill. 
Moving away from last year's trend of backless tops and drop down shoulders, we can aim to rise the trend of statement sleeve tops, aka bell sleeves. I was obsessed with drop down shoulders tops and dresses and backless clothing, and I have still eyes on these trends. However, sleeves are great to take on consideration too. Reminds me back in 70s trend and where bell shape tops and trousers were IN, but hey, fashion is a continuous revolution. While looking up for variety of sleeves, I was amazed by how a simple sleeve can add on to the outfit a lot. Currently having an eye on these beauties. What are your thoughts on statement sleeves?

Wearing this simple black top from H&M (similar here) layered with jeans and ankle heeled boots (similar here).

Photos: Alex S.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Wsdear Giveaway

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Happy New Year to everybody again and with the new exciting year, I am bringing up to you an exciting Giveaway teamed up with WSDear! We are giving away for a lucky winner a trendy printed black 'Killing it' t-shirt! A tee easy to combine with anything! Try your luck and enroll to this giveaway following simple steps:

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The winner will be announce in 3 weeks time, ending on Friday 27/1! Share and participate! Good luck! You killing it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 travel destinations wishlist

Sadly, this year was such a ride of life turning points and confusions. Was not able to make as many travels as I usually would have done probably. However, year of 2016 have left me some great memories and new places. Looking back at my 2016 travel wishlist, I did complete only 4 out of 8. And still not completely 4, because I break down to specific cities as well. Besides my list, I was pleased to visit these following places:

Setting up my 2017 travel wishlist and sharing with you my wonderlust:

1. UK - Bath, Cambridge
2. Spain - Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla
3. Iceland - Reykjavik, day trips to nature
4. Poland - Warsaw, Wroclaw
5. Portugal - Porto
6. Montenegro - Kotor, Podgorica
7. Italy - (still thinking where to, as I would love to explore Italy from head to toe!)
8. Vietnam - Mekong delta, Ha Long Bay, Mui Ne, Hoi An
9. Cambodia
10. Luxembourg

And where are you guys planning this year to go? Share with us some inspirational ideas and destinations! :)

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

PF 2017: Moment of reflections and goals setting

Here comes the end of the year again and I am sitting here trying to write this post which takes me unusually long. Recalling all the best moments what happened to me this year and looking through old images is such a good thing to do to kill the time.
I love this routine. I love to reflect back to they year and overall to the whole life. It is a great moment for you to realize what have you done good and bad, what is it what you have learned from life and what you want to change. It is great moment to see who are the most important people in your life and what or who helped you to get where you are now.
It is most important to be able to learn from mistakes. Not to judge or blame others. Everything happens for reason and what is meant to be it will be.

This year was such a roller coaster road for me and I am confident to step on the right foot in my next steps. Here is a quick summary of my best or memorable outcomes of the year:
  • Moved back to London
  • Enrolled to Study China Programme
  • Exploring the summer in full at Ibiza
  • Goodbye student life, hello full time working life
  • Milan Fashion Week experiences
  • Explored new cities and places (soon revealed my 2017 travel wish list!)


Thank you all for the support and I hope more exciting things will happen and I hope to have a chance even meet some of you!


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