Sunday, September 24, 2017

De-stress Your Home With Feng Shui

Being busy all the time at work and in your personal life can have its toll. Your stress levels go high and soon enough you start feeling tired and exhausted. Your home is the only place where you can really find peace and relax, but even that requires some preparation and effort. Besides Hygge, a Scandinavian life principle promoting cosiness, there is another philosophy you can adapt to make your home more de-stressed. Feng shui comes from Chinese philosophy and promotes achieving harmony with your surroundings and that's why arranging your home abiding by its principles can bring you serenity and balance.   

Remove what you don’t love

Over time, we all clutter our homes with things not only we don't need but also don't love. Their presence bothers us firstly on a subconscious level and then with its constant presence in our private space. Decluttering is probably the best way to start healing your soul from everyday stress and chaos, and it’s also a mandatory beginning of any Feng shui practice. By removing negative energy from your space you’re creating room for the positive one and therefore working on the revival of your being and healing of your Chi – a strong life force enabling humans to move forward.

Clear air and light

Even Western psychology will confirm the importance of living in the bright and well-ventilated spaces. Clean air has various benefits to human health and mood and can clear the mind and help a person feel rejuvenated. If you can't open the windows all the time due to the weather conditions outside or some reasons like the proximity of construction sites, use a purifier. Also, Feng shui plants offer another more natural solution and require natural light something you could also use to boost your energy and health. It's not about sunlight as much as it is about creating a bright and vivid environment to kill the depressive moods and melancholy.

Create your Bagua

It’s very important to develop a map of your home or Bagua. This means that you should get in order the five elements wood, earth, metal, water and fire which coexist in productive and destructive cycles. If you get them in an order you'll be able to balance the energy in your whole home. For example, for better health, you will place a plant or anything else belonging to the wood element group on the East side of your home. Defining areas of your home will help you know how you have to decorate and rearrange the furniture in your home to open up your Chi to positive incitement.

Define your Feng shui element

Your energy is directly connected to your element. In order to give yourself a boost, you'll have to feed your element with its manifestations. To keep it simple, take this example into consideration. If your element is Fire this means that you can use items and paints like red, yellow and orange, which are often used as a depiction of warmth. But also, you must think logically. Water extinguishes the fire, so that's the element you don't want to combine with yours. On the other hand, wood is susceptible to fire and thus it's perfect to compliment it with its features in your home, maybe through furniture or flooring.

Determine your lucky directions

When decorating your home based on the Feng shui philosophy, one of the most important factors is determining your lucky direction. Before doing so, in order to avoid decorating chaos, place all your belongings in the supercheap storage and clear the space. Feng shui directions will help you improve your way of life and cleanse your living conditions. If you can’t change the unlucky position like your house entrance, you shouldn’t feel upset, but try some other approach. Those Feng shui enthusiasts saying that misfortune will follow you if you don't respect the lucky directions is nonsense. Even the slightest step in the positive direction can bring change and liveliness to your life, and the idea here is to achieve peace and not stress through Feng shui.


Just like any philosophy, Feng shui has deeper and more profound levels which you can try after you get the basics. Whatever level you decide to apply to your home, you have to accept that unless you're building your house from scratch there will be some discrepancies. Feng shui is about reaching peace and harmony with yourself and your surroundings, and that's its first and outmost ideology. The moment you start stressing and not enjoying it, you should stop and rethink what you're doing and how. And if need be change your approach so you would experience the best Feng shui effects on your Chi. 

A guest post written by Helen Bradford

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ways how to wear a slip on dress

Slip on dress outfit


Already missing the warm days. These days, feeling like we have skipped September and October and went straight to November time. However, still have couple of last summer outfits to share with you. Took these pictures on one sunny weekend beginning of September actually. Wearing navy slip on dress from Mango, StyleWe jacket with statement sleeves, New look ballerinas and my day to day Longchamp bag.

I have many dresses in the closet, but this is actually my first slip on dress. And loving them. They are so easy to go with any style combination and occasions. From a leisure way of wearing it by having a motorbike jacket on to fancier look with heels. The easiest way to wear slip on dress is to keep it simple. Let me share with you top 7 advices on how to style your slip on dress!

Slip on dress outfit

Slip on dress outfit

1. Accessorize
The easiest way is to keep it minimal. Accessorize with some statement or minimal jewelleries and the look is ready to go!

2. Laid back look
For more laid back look, pair your slip on dress with a sweater or cardigan. In addition to that, wear it with ankle knee boots or your Dr. Martens. Accessorize with some boohoo jewellery or a hat and you ready to hit the streets.

3. Afraid of showing too much skin?
Then throw your slip on dress on top of a t-shirt! This style of dressing that has been popular years ago, is back and not strange at all! Choose your t-shirt to contrast or blend with you dress. Don't be afraid to play with the patterns and colour combination.

4. Like jeans more then dresses?
Then why not try to pair your slip on dress with some jeans? Turning the dress to a long tunic maybe?

5. Go 90's
Tied a checked shirt around your waist and get your Converse on! The casual city look for you!

6. Looking for a fancier look?
Heels and fancy accessories will work very well with slip on dresses. Don't forget to find a perfect clutch or handbag to it for your night out.

7. Throw anything over your shoulder
These dresses are great, because they will suit anything over shoulder. Either oversized boyfriend blazer, chunky cardigans, jackets or just simple a scarf.

Slip on dress outfit

Slip on dress outfit

Slip on dress outfit

Slip on dress outfit

Slip on dress outfit

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

7 Healthy Habits Every Woman Should Have

Whether it’s due to certain social expectations or our individual natures, but it would seem that a lot of women are in the habit of putting everyone else before them. We’ll work hard and sacrifice ourselves for our families, without ever stopping to think about our own well-being. And so, our health degrades, we become tired and irritable, and problems go unsolved.

Have you been neglecting yourself lately? Well, we’re here to give you a few reminders of how awesome you are, and tell you what kind of things you can do to make sure you’re happy and healthy because every working woman deserves that.

Practice positivity

I’m too fat! I’m too skinny! My pores are huge! My wrinkles are awful! My lips are too thin! Ugh, who told you all this? An airbrushed magazine whose sole purpose is to sell you a miracle cream? Don’t fall for it. You’re pretty great. Unrealistic beauty standards harm everyone, so instead of chasing some insane, unattainable image, remember that you’re the bomb.

Honestly, you’re so amazing and breathtaking and you should practice kindness and positivity towards yourself. Take, for example, Australian ladies – we all envy their sun-kissed beauty, and we don’t even know that the essence of that allure is found in something very simple: their bright smiles. So, when you’re feeling insecure and sad, just give a big smile and, to borrow from The Handmaid’s Tale, don’t let the bastards grind you down

Read more books

Reading books is probably one of the healthiest habits for any person who cares about their mental health. Not only that, but books have the tendency to broaden our horizons, and they’re a great comfort when we’re upset or feeling hopeless.

You know what you should do? Grab yourself a cheesy romance novel, snuggle up under the covers and just indulge your fantasies with a sexy hero who sweeps you off your feet. Doctors, soldiers, detectives – whatever floats your boat, have fun and fantasize. 

Have regular check-ups

Every woman needs to visit her doctors regularly if she wants to stay healthy. Seeing your OB/GYN should be done every six months, and if you’re in your forties, you might want to do a mammogram once a year as well. Turn to Australia again, where eye health is very important, and most women go to opticians in Sydney for regular eye tests to ensure their vision stays sharp. According to Aussies, 75% of vision loss is preventable or treatable, so there’s really no reason not to schedule regular checkups. If you’re experiencing fatigue that you can’t explain it’s not a bad idea to see an endocrinologist as well.

Exercise regularly

And you don’t even have to go to the gym! If you hate exercising, it only means you haven’t found the right kind of workout. Yoga is pretty great if you want something that’s meditative, or you can go for dancing classes if you always wanted to learn how to move. Just imagine yourself dancing Tango in a hot red dress to get inspired. The gym is not the only option, you can try martial arts, sport climbing, or just get a stationary bike and do your workout as you watch your favourite show on TV. It’s time to start your own fitness journey and get out of a sedentary life.

Eat for health

Don’t eat to slim down, eat to stay healthy. Starving yourself, ironically, only tends to make you gain even more weight, so eat a healthy diet of home-cooked meals and pay attention to nutrition. If your goal is to shed pounds, it’s not a bad idea to talk to a nutritionist who can help you out by creating healthy meal plans

Use sunscreen more often

It’s time to stop finding excuses not to put on sunscreen. We need it even on gloomy days, and we need to find ways to reapply it often. Mineral foundation with SPF means easy touch ups on the go, or you could find a misting spray with SPF that will refresh your makeup and provide sun protection.

Have spa days occasionally

Spa days are excellent for many things. They give us a way to let go of stress, process our emotions, and they also provide us with the opportunity to pamper our skin and our hair and make sure it stays velvety soft and healthy. Organize a spa day at home by playing some relaxing music as you soak in the tub full of bath salts and essential oils, a nourishing mask on your face, and a smile on your lips as you enjoy the well-earned free time.

Love yourself, gorgeous. You’re one of a kind and taking care of yourself should be your first instinct. Don’t put your health on hold and always make sure you have enough time to do the things you enjoy doing.

                                     This is a guest post by Amy Mia  (Facebook Twitter)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Isle of Arran


Back in August, we made a day trip from Glasgow to Isle of Arran. You might have already seen some pictures on my Instagram or back then on Instagram stories. But, finally manage to put them all together in a post!

Back at the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions was to travel each month to a new place for the whole year. So far, so good and enjoying it. I feel more energized and calm when I have the chance to get out somewhere. Weekend breaks or longer weekends are just perfect. Maybe read some of mine weekend trips guides for tips and suggestions! Have still couple of travel plans for the rest of the year and cannot wait for them.

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Summer walks


Autumn might be here, but still have many summer unpublished photos that I would like to share with you. These photos were taken on the last summer days back in Prague, wearing printed dress from ZNU and studded flats from Geox.

London Fashion Week is officially starting off and this week have been literally chaotic already. This month will be actually pretty busy, but I am not complaining. I like to stretch myself out because life is too short and we should be making the use and finding happiness in small things.

I am excited to be not only taking pictures, but taking videos this year during the fashion week, so stay tuned for the wrap up on my Youtube channel!

Are you missing those long warm evenings and summer days too?


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